Marine steering gears and thrusters


Due to changes that Russian River Register has made in  the procedure of approval of steering gears installed on vessels with RRR class ("steering gears which became overage before decommissioning can be approved for operation only after submission of report of manufacturing plant about the appointment of new recourse parameters") the need of replacing steering gears becomes more pressing.

"Marine Technics" Group provides:

  • supply of steering gears and thrusters for all projects of marine and river vessels regardless of their production year
  • design of mounting and installation projects
  • approval by the Maritime and River Registers.

Аналог рулевой машины РГ-1.6The supplied equipment is of high quality and has all the necessary guarantees.


  • steering gears
  • thrusters

Are designed and supplied analogues of steering gears RO; RG-1.6; RER 3-5; R12 etc.


  • equipment is designed for Russian application conditions
  • modular configuration;
  • various packaging variants;
  • individual approach;
  • flexible payment conditions;
  • certification of supplied equipment.


The indisputable advantage of "Denizsan" over other suppliers is owning its shipping company, and the fact that the technical solutions used in the equipment, are developed from their operational experience.