Nederlandsche Radiateuren Fabriek (NRF) is founded in 1927 by Mr. R. Bloksma, not far from Amsterdam. At first, the company was occupied with repairing works. In 30s NFR started the production of radiators in Amsterdam. After the War, the company began the manufacture of equipment for production, what allowed to make radiators without agents. In order to receive the highest efficiency of industry  the company sold its business to competitors.

In 1954 the second work shop was opened in Mill, what led to enlargement of manufacture and to start of export of goods. In 1959 the company received an order for radiator development of high efficiency from Danish railway for a train called “Blue Angel”. That year, the company started to produce boxcoolers.

Unique principle of boxcoolers, developed by NRF, hasn’t changed since 1959. Boxcooler has a simple construction, it is safety for environment and requires minimum of service. It cools better than other equipment in any conditions and it is famous for its long-life service, compact design and easy mount. It is impossible to name all shipyards, shipbuilders, brokers, ship repairing yards, ship owners and private ship owners, who chose boxcoolers.

Boxcoolers are able to be mounted on all types of vessels in combination with every engine and can be used in all conditions of ship operation.

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