Through innovative products, Libra has remained an important supplier to the world’s maritime industry for over 60 years.

Ship doors is our primary focus area and the company is one of the world leaders in this sector. Libra supplies all types of vessels with a complete range of IMO-compliant, hinged, external and internal bulkhead doors made of steel, aluminium or composite materials.

All door types are visualized by 3D models and drawings. A complete set of accurate drawings accompanies all quotes.

The high quality and innovative solutions behind Libra ship doors are the result of the close cooperation with our customers.

Ensuring safety and protecting property on board are our most important objectives. Our mantra is ‘Protecting People and Values’ and this is mirrored in every single detail. As a result, the most advanced/high-tech ships built today are equipped with Libra doors. Our business is based on a long-term global perspective and we have production facilities on several continents. Our network of agents ensures that we are represented in most shipbuilding markets worldwide and our service team is at hand to assist you whenever necessary.


Libra doors have been developed over many years and thoroughly tested on board vessels of different types. Feedback from experienced mariners has enabled us to optimize the functionality and design of all of our doors.

  • Spraytight

Spraytight doors are entrances to rooms that are not a part of the stability calculations, and shall be tight from the outside. After installation a hose or a chalk test is to be preformed, verified by the classification society, to confirm the tightness. Type approval is not required.

  • Weathertight

Weathertight doors are entrances to rooms that are a part of the stability calculations of the vessel, and shall withstand a dynamic pressure from the outside. The strength of the door needs to be the same as the bulkhead it is situated in and is depending on the vessels type, size, and location. Type approval certificate, or case by case approval, is required.

  • Watertight 

Watertight doors are located in watertight bulkheads below freeboard deck and shall withstand a static pressure from both sides. Design pressure for the door is given in meter water head by measuring the distance from the freeboard deck and down to the sill of the door in the most vulnerable damage situation for the vessel. Type approval certificates or case by case approval, and watertight test certificate for each individual door, verified by the classification society, is required.


Light weight accomodation doors produced in lightweight aluminium honeycomb.


We can offer most sizes on request.


We have a wide range of standard and customized Hatches.



Safe storage means better all-round safety. We supply a broad range og GRP-Sandwich cabinets and containers that can be used for storing survival suits, lifejackets, fire hoses, fire extinguishers, fire-fighter equipment, first-aid equipment, stretchers etc. Each unit is specifically adapted to whatever needs to be stored. In addition we can also supply the units with EX-approved electric lighting and heating specially suited to ship and offshore purposes.

We can also produce custom size cabinets in AISI 316 L.