Manufacturer: RWO (Germany)


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UV-system is a reliable and comfortable way to sterilise potable water onboard ships. Sterilisation of potable water by UV radiation is a safe and reliable alternative to other methods. The radiation causes photochemical reactions in the cells of micro-organisms, thus killing up to 99,9% of the bacteria and viruses.

The sterilization system is used only for potable water disinfection. To provide qualitative UV-treatment the water must be cleared up from pollition.

Type PUR-1 PUR-2 PUR-5 PUR-10 B20-B90


m3/h  1-2.5  2.5-4.5  4.5-7.0  7.0-13 15-150

Max. operating pressure

bar  10  10  10  10  10
Operating temperature оС  5-30  5-50  5-50  5-50  5-50
Connections (thread) Inch  R 1/1/2  R 1/1/2  R 1/1/2  R2  Dn80-dn125
Power consumption W  40  60 100  130  260-1300 
Power supply V/Hz  230, 50/60  230, 50/60  230, 50/60  230, 50/60  230/400,50/60

Main parts: control cabinet, reaction chamber, UV lamp with quartz envelope (UV lamp of the EcoLux type – low-pressure UV lamp with amalgam, in protective UV transparent envelope), UV detector (intensity detector).


  • additional disinfection of drinking water;
  • no chemicals required;
  • no effects on taste and odour;
  • no corrosion problems.