Ecological equipment


The ecological department of "Marine Technics" Group was created to provide environmental protection during operation of the vessel. New rules come to effect to prevent pollution from ships, these rules regulate particular standards of discharge and utilization of sewage, ballast and oily water and systems of exhaust gases purification. 

Main task: providing services to ship owners in supplies of reliable and modern equipment meeting all the necessary requirements: IMO, International Conventions Marpol, pollution prevention doctrines, regulations of River and Maritime Registers of Shipping.

Mission: selection of equipment for a particular vessel providing ecological safety.

Main services:

  • Selection of optimal equipment
  • Project and design works
  • project and equipment endorsement with Maritime and River registers

"Marine Technics" Group develops actively supplies of modern equipment for purification of oily, sewage and ballast waters, water treatment and gas purification on vessels.

Supplied equipment:

  • Oily water separators
  • Plants for waste water treatment of physical-chemical type
  • Plants for waste water treatment of membrane type
  • Plants for ballast water treatment
  • UV sterilizers
  • Reverse osmosis seawater desalination systems
  • Mechanical filtration of sea water
  • Plants for water softening and demineralization
  • Plants for mineralization and deacidification
  • Grease collectors
  • Batchers
  • Plants for chloration/dechloration
  • Multi-component filters
  • Sand filters
  • Incinerator plants
  • System scrubbing