In 2015 “Marine Technics” announced itself a manufacturer of marine equipment.

Today the company:

  • possesses production area with all necessary equipment;
  • has a test bench designed according to the requirements by RMRS and RR for gensets and pumps;
  • carefully developed all equipment range;
  • prepared all necessary project and technical documentation;
  • owns an engineering center on the manufacturing area;
  • acquired all necessary certificates including quality management systems (QMS) GOST RV.

Today the equipment under “Marine Technics” trademark is supplied for new-building and retrofitted fleet. To reequip vessels we have elaborated universal cost-efficient solutions.

Service: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

“Marine Technics” Group of Companies offers programmes of technical maintenance made on the basis of customers’ requirements and according to individual maintenance standards of each product. We analyze and define the necessity and the priority of present and future repair works. This programme will help to reduce costs and downtime and allow to estimate expenses.