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Testimonials of “Marine technics” clients


“Ships of Sakhalin Shipping Company (SASCO) are equipped with eight sets of S-VDR HLD-S/2 (China). For the operation period failures of the abovementioned devices have not been detected.”.  SASCO OAO

“S-VDR HLD-600 by Highlander has been operated on tanker Zaliv Nakhodka (Nayada Shipping Company) since 2014. During all operation period the equipment has worked perfectly without any failures. No remarks from the crew or inspection authorities have been received. Also, it is to note highly developed world wide service and spare parts for reasonable prices compared with similar equipment from other manufacturers.”.  Nayada, OOO

“The joint-stock “MTA Company” expresses its sincere thanks to “Marine Technics” for the seminar held in February 2017. We would like to stress an excellent organization of all preparation and even works, warm and friendly atmosphere contributing to understanding the material, high level of service specialists and representatives of manufacturers, depth of the training material”. Joint-stock “MTA Company”

“The characteristic feature of “MT-Group” OOO is its flexibility and attentiveness to the customer’s requirements, high level of professionalism, orderliness and consideration of the employees in resolving posed issues as well as wide range of supplied equipment and high-qualified technical support. A special attention should be paid to the organization of annular training programmes for radio and navigation equipment held in conjunction with manufacturers (Koden, Amesys, Saura) for technical specialists and administrative management of the clients”. Joint-Stock “Volga Shipping”

“North-Western Shipping Company” OAO expresses its gratitude to “MT-Group” OOO for well-timed and quality obligation execution for supply and service of radio and navigation equipment onboard of our ships. It is worth noting the professionalism of specialists from “MT-Group” OOO, who took part in the whole cycle of business cooperation between our companies”. “North-Western Shipping Company” OAO

“Marine Electronics Department” in “MT-Group” (“Marine Technics”) has been a partner of “Service+” OOO for several years. For this time the Department of “MT-Group” OOO has established itself as a reliable and stable partner, providing flexible approach to the Customer’s needs, high efficiency and reliability without any delays”.”.  “Service+” OOO

“Due to the continuous close cooperation with Sales Department and Service Department of “MT-Group” OOO we are able to solve the problems of any difficulty and satisfy the most sophisticated needs of ship owners. As a result of our cooperation we highly recommend “MT-Group” OOO as a high-professional company in the field of marine equipment supplies”. “SAIT St. Petersburg” OOO

“Rinistar” OOO expresses its deep gratitude and sincere appreciation to “MT-Group” OOO for quality and due-time supply of radio and navigation equipment in 2015. (…) We express the certitude in conserving friendly relationships and hope for the further collaboration”. “Rinistar” OOO

“We express our gratitude for cooperation with “Kompas-R Severo-Zapad” OOO. (…) We would like to note due-time execution of all contract obligations on behalf of “MT-Group” OOO which characterizes your Company as a reliable business partner”. “Kompas-R SZ” OOO

“MT-Group” OOO has established itself as an exclusively reliable and honest partner by rendering technical support and assistance in equipment promotion. Specialists from “MT-Group” OOO have presented a high level of professionalism, satisfying the needs of “basic electro and navigation chamber” OOO in full scope by carrying out warranty and after-warranty service of navigational equipment on ships for different enterprises in the Far East region.”. Basic electric radio and navigation chamber OOO (BERNK)

“Alarm-Radio and navigation systems” OOO expresses its gratitude to OOO “MT-Group” (“Marine Technics” Group of Companies) for mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation. (…) Due to the professionalism and flexibility of employees in “MT-Group” OOO as well as serious aftersales assistance this equipment took a proper place on the market of marine radioelectronics in Ural and Siberian Federal Districts of the Russian Federation as well in the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic. (…) All users stress reliability and quality operation of the devices and the most important is an excellent service maintenance and service support by service engineers from “MT-Group” OOO. ООО “Alarm-RNS” OOO”

LLC “ServiceGazStroy” expresses thanks for timely delivery of quality products meeting all modern requirements. We would like to note high professional level of company specialists. Precise fulfilment of obligations under the contracts as well as competence and responsibility of “MT-Group” specialists allow us to recommend this company as a reliable and responsible partner.ServiceGazStroy

“JSC “Severrechflot” thanks “MT-Group” represented by the head of fleet modernization department Konstantin Barkanov for the work performed in modernization of vessels of project 342E “Meteor-115” and “Meteor-148”. This work was carried out in accordance with Program “Cooperation” of the Government of Tyumen region, Khanty-Mansiysk and YNAO on modernization of speed passenger fleet in the basin of the Ob-Irtysh”. JSC “Severrechflot”
“LLC “Lenaturflot” thanks “MT-Group” represented by the head of fleet modernization department Konstantin Barkanov for the work performed in modernization of speed passenger vessels of project 352 “Voskhod” and 17091 “Polesje”. “(…) We would like to note clear and operational work of your employees, as well as their responsibility and professionalism.” LLC “Lenaturflot”
“JSC “Admiralteiskie Verfi” recommends “Marine Technics” Group as a reliable supplier and partner in the supply of equipment for naval and civil vessels under construction. We would like to express special gratitudecdjt for the well-timed and reliable delivery of fitting equipment for the construction of the State Defense Order 21300 (… )” JSC “Admiralteiskie Verfi”
  “During the time of our cooperation “Marine Technics” Group has confirmed its high professional status, competence and activity in task solutions. All the works are done on time, in specified date limits and with the right quality of information provided. The company specialists cope right with their duties (…)” JSC “Chernomorsudoproekt”
  “This letter is to confirm that “Marine technics” Group has been supplying mechanical and radionavigational equipment for JSC “Donrechflot” vessels for 10 years (…) We are completely satisfied with the cooperation with “MT-Group” and we can confidently recommend this Company as a reliable and trustful supplier of marine mechanical and radionavigational equipment (…)” JSC “Donrechflot”
“JSC “Almaz Marine Yard” thanks Your company for well-timed and high-quality supply of equipment produced by Stamegna (Italy). Due to timely equipment supplies and pre-term deliveries of components, we were able to deliver vessel project 12200 – 215 on time. We would like to thank particularly service department of Your company (…) JSC “Almaz Marine Yard”

“LLC “Nevsky Shipbuilding-Shiprepair Plant” thanks You for the work done in the field of equipment and recommends Your company as a reliable supplier of equipment for building naval and civil vessels (…)” LLC “Nevsky Shipbuilding-Shiprepair Plant”
“Being a supplier of marine equipment for KSP “PALLADA”, “Marine technics” Group has proven itself as a reliable supplier, performing their contractual obligations on time and with good quality. KSP “PALLADA” characterizes “Marine technics” Group as a professional and reliable partner in the field of marine supplies and shipbuilding services (…)” Kherson State Plant “PALLADA” 
JSC “Shipbuilding plant “Severnaya Verf” recommends “MT-Group” as a reliable supplier in the supply of equipment for naval and civil ships under construction, as well as in commissioning and servicing of the delivered production (…)” JSC “Shipbuilding plant “Severnaya Verf”
“PHC “Zelenodolsk Plant named after A.M. Gorky” thanks Your company for well-timed and high-quality supply of emergency diesel generator produced by Lindenberg (Germany) for project RST25. Due to timed supplies of equipment and spare parts, we managed to send the vessel to mooring trials before the cold weather (…)” PHC “Zelenodolsk Plant named after A.M. Gorky” 

“Marine Technics” Group has has established itself as a professional and reliable partner. Main feature of “Marine technics” Group is efficiency and high level of organization of company specialists, as well as  willingness to react quickly to circumstances. We also confirm the high potential of “Marine technics”, focus on the further successful development of the and prosperity (…)” State Administration “Derzhhydrographia”


“Main directorate of logistic support thanks “Marine Technics” Group for performing start0up operations of main MAN engines and water-jets Kamewa FF41, supplied by Your company during mooring trials of medium custom vesse TS-530 of project EY-17 (“Lider 17″)” Federal Custom Service of Russia


“In 2012 “MT-Group” has carried out the first capital repair of MAN engine E2842 LE312 after 48,650 hours of operation. After the repair  the engine is operating properly and outputs rated power specified by MAN concern. During this period “MT-Group” has professionally carried out not only capital repair of MAN engine, but also repair the generating set, setting of automatics, as well as two technical servicing and scheduled cylinder head bolts tightening (…) “Closed Joint Stock Company “Milya”


“The management of Tatflot Shipping Company, AO expresses its gratitude for timely delivery, quality mounting and running of MAN engine on m/v Meteor-249 (…) “ Shipping Company TATFLOT


“We thank MT-Group team for supplying well pump VSP SS 08125/03B3 in order to change the pump ЭЦБ 10-120-60. While testing newly installed equipment, pump head and capacity have been confirmed as well as power saving data. (…)” Municipal water supply and sanitation company of Khanty-Mansiysk


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