• 2020 год

MOTUS isacompanyspecializingin lifting and handling equipment.

The company traces its history back to 1964 starting from ABAS Crane. Motus itself was founded in 2013 with subsequent acquiring of Huse Engineering AS that was fully owned by the manufacturer of winches I.P. Huse AS. At the same time, ABAS Crane portfolio was handed over to Motus.

Due to long-term cooperation agreement with Kongsberg Maritime and close relationships with I.P. Huse AS, Motus is leveraging its many years’ experience in design, manufacturing and operation of cranes/lifting gears.

More than 170 highly qualified employees of the company are engaged on a daily basis in development and implementation of innovative solutions in the field of shipboard and marine cranes and lifting and handling systems giving priority to precision and safety.

Having a large list of completed projects and more than 950 pieces of supplied various equipment that is presently in operation around the world, Motus offers long-term framework agreements with domestic and foreign customers for technical servicing, modification and supply of products.

Brief overview of a comprehensive line of high-tech equipment:

  • Motus shipboard cranes;
  • Motus marine cranes;
  • Motus underwater cranes;
  • Motus 3-D compensated cranes;
  • Motus fully electrified cranes;
  • Cranes for pipes handling;
  • Winches;
  • Special cargo handling facilities.


MOTUS plant is:

  • Modern and well-equipped plant;
  • Highly efficient welding and machining;
  • High quality surface treatment;
  • 150 meter long deep-water quay complying with ISPS;
  • Harbor crane with lifting capacity up to 135 t;
  • Testing benches for winches and cranes;
  • Possibility of indoor/outdoor storage;
  • Cetrification as per ISO 9001:2015;
  • Experienced and proven specialists.
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