• 2013 год

Ariston Company is a recognized manufacturer of control and monitoring systems in tanks. Activity of the company is focused on keeping the high quality of production, qualified after-sales service and warranty for supplied equipment. 

Equipment manufactured by Ariston Scanjet Company:

  • temperature control and monitoring systems in tanks
  • pressure control and monitoring systems in tanks
  • level control and monitoring systems in tanks
  • system of water detection in tanks
  • level measurement system in fuel tanks
  • level measurement system in cargo tanks
  • multi-monitoring and control systems in tanks (temperature, pressure, level, water)
  • automotive detection and measurement system of water level and automotive settled water disposal in oil tanks (for marine and land application)
  • control and measurement of heel, difference and draught

Advantages of automotive level control systems:

  • high accuracy in all types of bulges
  • compact design and easy mount
  • best technologies which allow positioning near the side wall of the tank and also in small tanks
  • a special flange sealing PTFE is provided for mount in tanks with oil and chemicals
  • measurement in solid cargos – this was impossible to measure using radars

Advantages of independent high level and overflow alarm warning system in cargo tanks:

  • no moving parts
  • no special technical maintenance
  • no negative effects from washing tank machines
  • no negative effects from rest of tank contents

Advantages of level control system in ballast and daily tanks:

  • submergible parts for constant location in fluid
  • no moving parts
  • no sensor ventilation
  • no special technical maintenance
  • high resistance under overpressure
  • high resistance under disruptive internal pressure

Advantages of water detection systems:

Easy mount

  • easy cleaning and testing
  • no moving parts
  • no need in calibration after mount process
  • system with automotive control
  • sensor works with all types of cargos, no need in filter system installation
  • sensor is protected against solid cargo damages
  • steady operation is effected by digital measurement converter with automotive control
  • multifunctional display
  • system includes settlings control in ballast and daily tanks
  • resistance to sea water during mount in ballast tanks

Products have type approval certificates of all recognized classification societies, including RMRS.

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