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Plant for waste water treatment ORCA III


Buy plant for waste water treatment ORCA III

Manufacturer – EVAC (Finland)

ORCA III is a plant for waste water treatment of physical-chemical type.
Complies with all requirements of IMO Resolution MEPC.159(55)

System description:
During the operation waste waters are collected in holding tank of the vessel and then flow to ORCA III plant by means of the transfer macerator pump. Flocculant is added by the dosing pump to waste water pipe before transfer macerator pump. Coagulate is intensively mixed with waste waters by means of static mixer and continues as slow mixing in sedimentation tank. Water flowing from sedimentation tank fills in the oxidizing tank up to a defined level. After the level is reached, recirculation discharge pump pumps water through the disc filter. Inside the oxidizing tank oxygenated water is mixed with sodium hypochlorite to create oxidizing/disinfecting substance recirculating in a defined time moment. Then the treated water is discharged overboard by means of recirculation discharge pump through the 3-way valve. Waste waters treated by ORCA III possess quality allowed for discharge.

Standards compliance:

Has sanitation-epidemiological certificates
Complies with all requirements of IMO MEPC.159(55)



Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5) (mg/l)  25

Total suspended particles (mg/l)

Chemical oxygen demand (mg/l) 125
Thermoduric bacteria (cfu/100 ml) 100
Residual chlorine (mg/l) 0,5
PH 6,0-8,5

Dimension range and main parameters:

N Parameter name Parameter value
Orca III – 15 ORCA III – 35 ORCA III – 50 Orca III – 65 Orca III – 100 Orca III – 200 ORCA III – 300 ORCA III – 500
1 Capacity, (m3/day) 1,5   3,5 5,0 6,0 10,0 20,0 30,0 50,0

Consumed power, (kW/h)

4,1  4,1 4,1 4,1 7,6 12,4    
3 Dimensions, (m) 1,3×0,8×0,9 1,7×0,9×1,1 1,8×0,9×1,3 1,9×1,0x1,3 2,2×1,3×1,3 2,5×2,1×1,3



4 Dry weight, (kg) 335   410 555 640 870 1280 1542 2400

System characteristics

  • IMO & MED certified according to IMO 159(55);
  • high quality of manufacturing; system for marine application;
  • Low operation and maintenance cost
  • Small volume and footprint, suitable for small and narrow spaces
  • Compact unit with simple and automatic operation
  • Safe and flexible operation
  • Low operation and maintenance cost
  • High efficiency
  • High quality of treated sewage water

Supply package:

Main tank (consists of two elements: sedimentation tank and oxidizing tank), transfer/macerator pump, discharge pump, sludge pump, dosing pumps, control panel, disc filter, level switch (installed in holding tank to prevent dry operation of macerator pump).

Recommended consumables

For normal operation ORCA III requires the following consumables:

  • ¾ flocculant (polyaluminium chloride). 
  • ¾ sodium hypochlorite, 12%.

Costs of the materials is very low (1 kg 20 rub approximately). All the substances could be bought in every part of the word.


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