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Power plants


Cogeneration plants 

Cogeneration units must provide reliable and uninterrupted operation  24 hours a day without stopping. Economic efficiency is very important during the operation life of cogeneration units. That is why the ignition system, gas mixing system and other systems are based on solutions and components of a world manufacturer Motortech (Germany).

MAN cogeneration units are  represented by the capacity range from 50 to 50 kW electric power and from 82 to 661 kW thermal power.

Permissible types of fuel: nature gas, bio-gas, any special gas on agreement.


Diesel generating plants


  • high capacity without negative impact on the environment;
  • fast respond to load changes and stable work at harsh load jumps;
  • long operating life (40 000 – 50 000 operating hours) till first capital repair;
  • high efficiency due to low fuel and lubricant oil consumption and low service costs;
  • control system based on ComAp controller.

MAN diesel-generator units are represented by power range from 250 to 800 kW.

Possible variants: open, module, container.

Control system by 1st, 2nd and 3rd level of automation.

hen choosing a power plant it is not always possible to achieve greater savings by paying attention only to the original cost of equipment. Often low cost of equipment means higher maintenance costs, expensive spare parts, limited services or high oil and fuel consumption.

When choosing MAN engine, the owner gets maximum time of uninterrupted operation, confidence in reliability and economic efficiency of the diesel-generator unit.

Given that each engine is assembled in Germany, and German people are laborious, pedantic and solid, you can be sure of highest quality of engines.

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