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Industrial GenSets



General information
Diesel open-type GenSets, frequency 50 Hz, voltage 400 V, alternate current, 3 phase. Control cabinet of 2nd level of automation. 

Based on ComAp InteliLiteNT AMF 25 controller (ComAp, spol. s r.o., the Czech Republic). Automatic start, parameter control, engine control, automatic rotation maintenance, alarm and emergency stopping. Electrical protection – by voltage, current frequency. Automatic refill with fuel from supply tank.

Assigned lifetime
Assigned lifetime to capital repair 40 000 (50 000 for engines with CommonRail system)  operating hours provided keeping all the regulation of maintenance and  operation. After 40 000 hours of operation time (000 for engines with CommonRail system) it is necessary to undertake a thorough capital repair of engine, replacing such parts as crankshaft bearings, pistons, races, plugs of to replace diesel engine.

Model Continuous engine output according to ISO 8528, kW* Engine GenSet
Rated output (PRP)1) Emergency output (ESP)2)
kW kVA kW kVA
MAN-310  248 310       D2866LE201  Leroy-Somer
MAN-410R     328  410   D2866LE203  Leroy-Somer
MAN-400 320 400       D2876LE201  Leroy-Somer
MAN-510R     408 510   D2876LE203  Leroy-Somer
MAN-410-CR 328 410       D2676LE221*  Leroy-Somer
MAN-510R-CR     408  510   D2676LE223*  Leroy-Somer
MAN-450 460  450       D2848LE211  Leroy-Somer
MAN-560R     448 560   D2848LE213  Leroy-Somer
MAN-520 416 520       D2840LE201  Leroy-Somer


    504  630   D2840LE203  Leroy-Somer
MAN-570 456  570       D2840LE211  Leroy-Somer
MAN-700R     560  700   D2840LE213  Leroy-Somer
MAN-630 504  630       D2842LE201  Leroy-Somer
MAN-730R     584 730   D2842LE203  Leroy-Somer
MAN-680 544  680       D2842LE211  Leroy-Somer
MAN-810R     648  810   D2842LE213  Leroy-Somer
MAN-800-CR 640  800       D2862LE221*  Leroy-Somer
MAN-1000R-CR     800  1000   D2862LE223*  Leroy-Somer

* Engine with electronic injection system Common Rail

1) Rated operation mode – 10% overloads during 1 hour are allowed but not more than once in 12 hours.
2) Emergency operation mode – operation time must not exceed 500 operation hours in a year, constant operation not longer than 200 hours at 100% load, overloads are not allowed.

GenSet configuration

  • Diesel engine MAN (Germany)
  • Power single-support generator Loroy Somer (France)
  • Welded steel frame with antivibration support
  • Lubrication system with water-oil radiator and filter
  • Fuel supply system with fuel filters, including separator filter
  • Cooling system with water radiator
  • Intake system with air filterExhaust system with muffler and compensator
  • Starter batteries AKB-6ST-190 (2 pcs)
  • GenSet control cabinet of 2nd level of automation
Industrial GenSets
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