MAN industrial engines


is one of the leading European technical groups, having at its disposal around 55 000 employees in 120 countries. MAN engines set into motion cars and locomotives, yachts and commercial vessels, supply generators and thermal electric power plants, building and agricultural equipment and machinery.

Low acquisition cost of a power plant is not always the secure way to the best economy. Often low cost of equipment results in high expenses for technical maintenance, expensive spare parts, limited technical suppert or high oil and fuel consumption.

When choosing MAN engine you get maximum time of continuous work, assurance in reliability and equipment productivity.

Each engine is manufactured in Germany, and padantry, accuracy and substantial approach of german people provide highest quality of the engine.

  • Service hours - 50 000 - 60 000 before full overhaul
  • Low oil and fuel consumption
  • Low noise level and small size
  • Long intervals of service 
  • Easy maintenance
  • Avaliability of spare parts
  • Wide list of approved liquids (oil and antifreeze)
  • Long service life of every spare part


"MT-Group" represents MAN concern on exclusive basis in Russian Federation, CIS and Baltic states, and ranks as MAN Importer and Central Service Station. Our company provides the whole range of services concerned with purchasing and maintenance of MAN industrial engines.

"Marine Technics" Group has all the necessary certificates:

Certificate of Importership MAN


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