All In One system


For the monitoring, control, regulation and system protection, new opportunities for cost reduction can be achieved in maintenance and servicing, by remote and long distance data transmission. All performance data, operational and historical, and all parameters are transmitted via modem, Internet or through SMS. In this way the visibility of the whole system to the end user can be noticeably improved.

Properties of ALL IN ONE system:

  • Network monitoring 
  • Zero reference adjustment, etc. 
  • Stand-by use / island mode 
  • Synchronisation, reverse Synchronisation without interruption 
  • Main monitoring (U, I, cos XXX, T) 
  • Engine monitoring (P, T, p, min1, etc.). 
  • Emission adjustment 
  • Speed and power regulation 
  • CAN Bus Connection 
  • Extendible up to 32 modules 
  • Digital inputs (on Board LED) 
  • Digital outputs (on Board LED) 
  • Analog inputs (ma, PT100, NiCr-Ni, etc.). 
  • Analog outputs (mA, V) 
  • Alarm list records / historical data 
  • 7-level of password protection 
  • Remote data transmission / GSM connection 
  • Internet Connection 
  • SMS, email and call alert service
  • Scada Software (pControl)