Accessories for gas engines


"Marine Technics" Group supplies all the necessary equipment and accessorizes for MAN gas engines.

We may supply gas engines with already installed systems:

  • Ignition system 
  • Gas mixing system
  • Pressure reduction system
  • Anti-detonation system
  • Engine parameters control system
  • Cooling system
  • Control system of oil level in crankcase and automatic crankcase filling
  • Whole unit control system

Basing on the technical requirements we may develop, design, assemble and install control cabinet for a gas engine or even multimodule power plant for cascade mode operation in parallel with network.

"Marine Technics" Group is official partner of Motortech GmbH Company/

Confirmation Letter Motortech

In 2011 “Marine Technics” Group signed a dealer contract with Motortech GmbH Company. Motortech Company is a partner OEM (factory-manufacturer of ignition system, gas model range, rails Alpha Rail, control sensors and alarm warning system, control panels, etc.) for following companies: GE Jenbaher, Rolls - Royce, Doosan, Guascor, Mak, MAN, MTU, Wartsila, Perkins, Mitsubishi and others.

“Marine Technics” Group provides the supply, warranty obligations, commissioning start-up works and diagnostics of Motortech GmbH equipment. During last 27 years Motortech company is permanently working on satisfying client's demands and always being one step ahead!

MotortechGmbH gives main prioruty to innovations, research and improvement. Ceaseless working on widening and modernization of production range in development of ignition, control and monitoring systems provides maximal efficiency and practicalness of your gas engines.

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