"Marine Technics" group of companies provides equipment supplies for oil and gas, oil-refining, chemical and agricultural industries.

"FessoValves" company is a complex supplier of valves and instrumentation for construction, modernization and reconstruction projects in petrochemical, petroleum refining, chemical, shipbuilding and general industry sectors.

"MAN POWER"  direction of "Marine Technics" is an exclusive representative of German concern MAN, offering high-speed industrial diesel and gas engines and power plants. Our specialists will develop finished solutions for you and provide turnkey works and to effect comprehensive service of gas power plants.

The "Pumps and pump stations" direction is responsible for the supply of industrial pumps, motor drives and pump stations and offers submersible, centrifugal type, gear wheel pumps and motor drives for different industrial sectors

Vertical turbine pumps are supplied for agriculture. Our specialists will help to develop the pump station project for irrigation, and implement a comprehensive supply of required equipment.