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Gas reciprocating power plant with MAN engines: optimal solution for own generation magazine “Turbines and diesels” July-August 2018

Escalating prices for power supply stimulates entrepreneurs to search more economically efficient ways to generate energy. The optimal solution is purchasing gas-fueled reciprocation power plants. Today on the Russian market one can find this plants from different manufactures. But as in every other sphere it is very important to choose a right manufacturer. MT-Group, OOO provides gas power plants based on MAN engines from manufacturers authorized by MAN (Germany).

Exhibition of shipbuilders from Maritime Show opened in Primorye Vladivostok

Within the business programme of the International Far Eastern Maritime Show, the exhibition started on Friday on 27 July on Russky Island. Companies engaged in shipbuilding, ship repair, design bureaus represented their production and projects during the event.

Valdai 45R exceeded expectations of its founders portal

Along with the development of national fishing and passenger fleet, the construction of new hydrofoils to replace old Voskhods and Kometas makes firm steps. Only over 2017-2018 two ambitious hydrofoils – Kometa120M and Valdai 45R – have been built. The first one has already started its commercial voyages, the second ship is still awaiting its implementation.

Working fleet of Karelian shipbuilders portal

Last year Onego Shipyard handed over to Rosmorport five working boats of project ST23WIM developed by MT Design Bureau. Now all these ships are navigating from the southernmost to the northernmost Rosmorport branches. Within our cycle dedicated to the fleet it is unreasonable to stay away from this efficiency of Karelian shipbuilders. Therefore we propose to learn more about the boats designed by Marine Technics because the result turned out to be interesting. 

"Fluidmecanica is tested by Arktika" magazine Korabel, No. 4 (39) 2018

The deadline for all three icebreakers (project 22220) on the Baltic Shipyard is considerably postponed. The lead ship Arktika is planned to be handed over to the customer in 2019, serial ships Sibir and Ural – in 2021 and 2022 respectively. Mainly, such delay is related to the complexity of icebreakers LK-60.

Maksim Sokolov evaluated the prospects of advanced upgrading and nomenclature extension on Onego Shipyard (photo) portal

On 16 March, 2018 Maksim Sokolov, the Minister of Transport, with Artur Parfenchikov, the Head of the Republic of Karelia, visited Onezhsky Shipbuilding Ship Repair Yard (Petrozavodsk).

"The Russian market of radio and navigation equipment has great prospects" portal

From 27 February to 2 March in St. Petersburg Marine Technics Group organized a seminar on radio and navigation equipment. Representatives of ship owners, shipbuilding plants, design bureaus and service companies (MT dealers) were invited to this event.

Agritechnica: new models by MAN Engines for agricultural machines and cogeneration plants  Agrobusiness

New diesel engine, class 9 l, for tractors and harvester-threshers and new gas engine on the basis of E32 are going to fill the gap in the power range of engines for modular CHP.

Vessel project for the Russian North-East magazine "Vesti morskogo Peterburga" No. 1(44) 2017

Ship owners suppose the project of passenger and cargo vessel Voyage 85MT to be a unique solution in today’s market. Its construction will allow to render quality and wide services for the population, to extend significantly possibilities of commercial operation and to become a cost-effective affair with a foreseeable payback time.

Alexander Popov, Marine Technics: We have found a comprehensive solution on hybrid propulsion for small vessels portal

Within 17th NEVA exhibition Marine Technics Group presented a hybrid propulsion system for small vessels. took interest in this innovation with potentially high demand due to its economical efficiency and eco-friendliness.

To the matter of hybrid propulsion units magazine “Maritime Fleet” No. 4 2017

The issue of consumption minimization and service of small working ships is the cornerstone for ship owners because these items compose the lion share of all charges which restrain fleet renovation.

Principle of partial electric motion is transferred on light boats portal

Marine Technics Group has developed a technical project of power unit with partial electric movement for workboats with displacement up to 350 t. The idea is to combine operation of main engines and auxiliary generating sets (gensets) via propulsion electric motors.

“Fusion of foil and catamaran” portal

“Marine Technics” presented a new universal platform of catamaran type with a fixed shallow-submerged foil. Alexander Popov, head of MT Design Bureau, shared the information about this project, its advantages and application with “”.

“Marine Technics” supplied an emergency genset for a hydrofoil portal “Delovoy Peterburg”

In June Moscow office of “Marine Technics” Group supported by MT Engineering Center supplied diesel-geared unit on a new hydrofoil, project 23180 “Valdai-45R” being under construction in Nizhny Novgorod.

“Marine Technics” production: we conquer the market magazine “Maritime Market” No. 2 (60) 2017

In 2015 “Marine Technics” for the first time declared itself a manufacturer of marine equipment. This year the company will display its devices on two largest shipbuilding exhibitions of Russia. Read the interview with Viktor Makarzin, head of production department, about achievements, development and technologies.

“Marine Technics” proposed a decision to update the fleet in Northeastern Russia portal

“Marine Technics” have elaborated a concept of a universal cargo ship, project “Voyage85MT” for inland waterways in Northeastern Russia. Alexander Popov, head of Design bureau, told about it on the 4th International conference “Russian shipbuilding. Import substitution” (Saint Petersburg).

“Marine Technics” elaborated a concept of a cargo and passenger vessel on LNG portal

 “Marine Technics” Group (Saint Petersburg) presented a concept of a cargo and passenger ship, project “Voyage100MT LNG”. Alexander Popov, head of Design Bureau, told about this burning product during the International conference “Russian shipbuilding. Import substitution” (Saint Petersburg).

“Touch with hands” portal

At the end of February, “Marine Technics” Group of Companies organized an annual seminar on radio and navigation equipment in Saint Petersburg. During four days the participants had the possibility to get acquainted with new navigation equipment by foreign producers. The reporter interviewed representatives of manufacturers and MT.

“New generation of “black box” – Voyage Data Recorder by Highlander” magazine “Maritime Market” No. 1 (59) 2017

Safe navigation is one of the key challenges for ship owners all over the world. It is achieved not only by good weather conditions, crew experience, reliability of the ship and all marine equipment. Examination of extraordinary situations on the ship and their troubleshooting are of particular importance. The analysis of accidents, already occurred emergency situations allow to elaborate measures to prevent similar situations in future. 

“We trust Marine Technics. They keep their promises and have good engineers” magazine “Maritime Market” No. 4 (58) 2016

“Marine Technics” Group of Companies (MT) and Koden Electronics (Japan) have been collaborating since 2005. The first equipment by Koden was displayed by “Marine Technics” during “NEVA” exhibition in 2005. The certification in Registers started in 2006 and for this purpose representatives from RRR and MT had visited the factory in Japan. In summer that year active sales of Koden products started on the Russian market. 

“New Koden sonars: six-in-one” magazine “Maritime Market” No. 3 (57) 2016

On the present market of fish finding equipment producers offer a wide range of echo sounders which differ in terms of technical possibilities and price. Among them the most popular model is world first broadband horizontal sonar Koden KDS-6000BB.

New motor vessels will replace “Rodina” and “Mekhanik Kalashnikov” television and radio broadcasting company “Yamal Region”, 17.08.2016

Ship builders fight for Yamal orders. The designers presented new projects of passenger vessels in the capital of the region. They are to replace acting and well-known m/v “Rodina” and “Mekhanik Kalashnikov”. 

Import substitution in the field of municipal water supply portal “Sdelano u nas”, 02.08.2016

In 2015 Russian company JETEX (department in MT-Group) started production of pump stations for municipal and industrial water supply in Saint Petersburg. JETEX engineers have developed stations in simple and reliable version, operating in small areas and difficult work conditions.

Yamal will purchase new motor vessels to replace “Mekhanik Kalashnikov” and “Rodina” Vesti Yamal, 15.07.2016

Yamal needs new passenger ships. The purchase of new items has been discussed today during the meeting with Aleksey Sitnikov, the first Deputy Governor. Marine Technics presented cargo and passenger vessel “Voyage-75MT”, koch type which was specially developed to replace vessels of 646 project.

FessoValves has carried out the order by “ServiceGazStroy” OOO Resource for mechanical building, 12.07.2016

FessoValves, department in “MT-Group”, has supplied ball valves with pneumatic actuators AMG-PESCH and a set of pneumatic equipment FESTO on the ammonia plant.

The most powerful MAN gas engine appeared in Russia

Six MAN gas engines have been brought in Russia within the plan for facility complex construction with gas-fueled reciprocating power plant. Herewith, MAN gas engine E3262LE202 has been delivered into our country for the first time.

Tokyo Keiki gyrocompasses, magazine “Maritime Market” No. 2, 2016

Direction finding in the open sea is a primary aim in navigation. Vladimir Kuznetsov, head of Sales Department in Marine Electronics (“Marine Technics”) reveals advantages and features of TOKYO KEIKI gyrocompasses. 

10 years of successful cooperation between MAN and “Marine Technics” Group of Companies magazine “Maritime Market” No. 1, 2016

Due to 10 years’ cooperation representatives of MAN visited their partner Marine Technics Group of Companies and gave interview where they disclosed secrets of their partnership.

Ship equipmeny of "Marine Technics compamy: European quality of domestic production, Maritime Market № 4, 2015

The ship of  "Kazan passenger port" reequipped by specialists of  "Marine Technics" Group has started navigation   KZN capital, 2015

It is the first ship in Kazan, that have been reequipped  with MAN engine.

 IMDS-2015: opinion of exibition participants,   Korabel, 2015

«Marine Technics» Group took part in the Seventh International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS-2015) that was held from the 1st till the 5th of July, 2015 in St. Petersburg 

New type of equipment, ultrasonic monitor for drilling production Koden, was added to the product line of "Marine Technics" Group,   Maritime Market № 2, 2015

Vladimir Kuznecov, Head of Sales department answers the questions about the new type of equipment.

New power station was commissioned in Rostov-on-Don, "Turbines and diesels", 2014

Under the project Distributed Generation Ltd. in cooperation with MT-Group JSC and GK Diesel Ltd. supplied two power plants developed on the base of MAN E0836 LE202 gas engines to the customer.

European experience to reduce electric power costs, Neftegaz.Ru 2014

Specialists of "MT-Group" have carried out analysis of the effectiveness of MAN equipment. The analysis was based on the European experience projected on the Russian market.

Autonomous power supply was secured for Pestretsy-Arena ice palace in Tatarstan, "Turbines and diesels", March-April 2014

Power station was constructed in Pestretsy village, Pestrechinsky District by Upgradeenergo JSC in close cooperation with Diesel Group of Companies Ltd. and MT-Group JSC. Container station consists of MAN-240N power plant developed on the base of MAN Diesel & Turbo E2842 E312 gas engine.

PP 167, Poly Marine Service, 2013

We are proud to share with you the first Russian vessels equipped with the PolyMarineService D300MHD fender system

Marine Technics. Vessel begins with project, Maritime Market # 45, 2013

Due to the large professional experience and utilization of the latest technologies, the Design Bureau of Marine Technics Group of Companies offers the most attractive and competitive projects for ships of any complexity.

Ellehammer A/S: tradition, simplicity, safety, Maritime Market #44, 2013

The biggest division of Ellehammer in Copenhagen produces these energy giants. Marine Technics Group is an exclusive representative of Ellehammer in Russia, CIS and Baltic States. The company Ellehammer takes part in the international exhibition NEVA-2013, which will be held from 24 to 27 September at "Lenexpo", St. Petersburg. 

"MT Group" presents water treatment systems of PETER TABOADA®, Maritime Market #43, 2013

"Marine Technics" Group offers highquality marine equipment of leading world manufacturers to the shipyards. PETER Taboada R is one of them. The company produces water treatment systems. Some systems are designed and patented with its own technology. "Marine Technics" is an exclusive representative of the Spanish manufacturer in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries since 2009.

"Marine Technics" – 15 years with you, Maritime Market #40, 2012

In 2012, the "Marine Technics" Group celebrates its 15-years. The company was founded in 1997 by Abdul Mehtiev, the graduate of the Naval Academy Makarova. Initially "Marine Technics" company had a deal with the sale of ship spare parts on Russian market. The staff of company consisted of 6 people.

Green technologies: "Marine Technics" Group introduces ORCA III, the small footprint physicochemical wastewater treatment unit, Maritime Market #36, 2011

Currently pollution of the environment becomes a serious problem for the society. People all over the world try to save energy and water, producers use nature-friendly materials and technologies.

Kobelt Manufacturing – more than 45 years on the market of steering gears, Maritime Market #33, 2010

"Kobelt is a premier manufacturer of quality marine engine controls, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic steering, shaft brakes, deck machinery controls and industrial disc brakes used around the globe in all sizes of pleasure craft, work boats, public service vessels, oil rigs, wind turbines, aerospace and mining industries since 1962."

Ships for alternative energy infrastructure feature HRP thrusters, Maritime Market #32, 2010

"Dutch company HRP - an acronym for Holland Rudder Propeller - has been involved with the green shipping trend since 2008. But even before that, the company's thrusters were often an essential component in diesel-electric propulsion installations, leading in certain cases to fewer emissions by using diesel engines closer to their sweet spot."

Tanktech reliable solution against pirate attacks, Maritime Market #32, 2010

"Recently there has been a tremendous surge in maritime piracy as pirates try to fill their coffers with monsoon season round the corner when pirates will be out of business due to high seas. A Russian vessel too was attacked recently in the Indian Ocean. Now ship owners are looking for solutions to protect their assets. A Korean company, Tanktech, has come up with an ingenious solution to prevent pirates from boarding the ship. Maritime Market conducted interview with Mr. Kwang-il Joo, President of Tanktech, to know more about the solution."

"Marine Technics": Everyone is interested in us, Maritime Market #26, 2008

"Interview with Abdul Mekhtiev, General Manager of CJSC "Marine Technics". In the beginning of 1997 Marine Technics was established. Our company was engaged in spare parts supply service. From the very beginning we used two strategies: we supplied a variety of products for river-sea navigation vessels from the storehouses and delivered heavy-tonnage vessels parts ordered from our foreign partners. Nowadays Marine Technics is a group of companies working in several business sectors: delivery of spare parts from storehouses and by individual orders; delivery of ship radio equipment; delivery of equipment for the vessels being constructed; ship brokerage. Interview with Abdul Mekhtiev, General Manager of CJSC "Marine Technics"."