Marine Technics has completed upgrading raid pilot boat pr. 1459 m/v Lotsman-9

Production department of Marine Technics has completed modernization of raid pilot boat pr. 1459 m/v Lotsman-9. Diesel-geared units on the basis of ЗД12 engine are replaced by MT ДРА-258ВА ones with total power 516 kW on this boat. This equipment is produced by MT specialists on the basis of WEICHAI engines. It is important to note that the increase of total power from 440 to 516 kW allowed the vessel to obtain free running speed of 12 knots.

Now all mooring and sea trials have been successfully terminated.  


Marine Technics Company is an official trade partner of WEICHAI HOLDING GROUP Co, Ltd in supplying WEICHAI engines to pack diesel-geared and genset units.