Doppler speed log MTDSL-99 is available on the warehouse of Marine Technics!

Marine Technics Group has introduced to the market modern Doppler Speed log MTDSL-99 (Type Approval Certificate No. 18.15072.120 dated 01.08.2018), one of the most competitive offers on the market.

A new batch has arrived on the stock and is available for the order.

This high-precision log MTDSL-99 shows speed through water using Doppler principle and is intended for heavy-tonnage vessels (cargos, tankers, LNG carriers, container ships), provides safety navigation especially in channels and straits.

Besides, MTDSL-99 allows to moor more precisely that is particularly useful for big crafts.

An additional advantage is a full compatibility of the transducer (DS994) with the gate valve of Furuno DS80 log.