Shipowner: Lenaturflot Severrechflot
Design bureau: Alekseev’s Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau
Length: 27,6 m
Width: 6,4 m
Crew: 2 persons
Passengers: 71 persons
Cruising range: 500 km
Speed: 35 knots
Main engine: 1*810 kW

Equipment supplied by «Marine Technics»:

  • main engine, 810 kW at 2100 rpm with reverse gearbox
  • auxiliary genset 9-15 kW
  • air conditioning and heating system
  • propeller shafts and propellers
  • specialized passenger seats
  • radio and navigation equipment set


  • development of retrofit project
  • certification RRR
  • supervised installation, commissioning start-up works, preservation

Type: retrofit

Quantity of equipped vessels: 4

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